Hardfacing Wires:

HA-4-SERIES - Austenitic chromium steel. High abrasion 55-60 RC. HA-5 - Austenitic chromium carbide. High abrasion 58-62 RC.

HA-6-SERIES - Martensitic chromium carbide. High abrasion 58-62 RC. HA-7-SERIES - Martensitic chromium carbide resistant to fine &/or wet particles. 58-62 RC. HA-20 - Complex carbide deposit for abrasion with high temperature resistance. (1300░F) 62-64 RC.

HA-21 - Multi complex carbide for extreme abrasion at high temperature. (1400░F) 63-66 RC.

MULTI-FUSION 2000 - Multi complex carbide embedded in a high grade chrome carbide matrix. Rivals welded tungsten carbide in wear resistance. Maintains properties up to 1200░F. Unlike tungsten carbide, MULTI-FUSION 2000 also withstands impact. 60-63 RC.

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