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Filotech Electrodes supplies quality maintenance and repair flux-cored wires and stick electrodes. Our primary business is the manufacture of flux-cored hardfacing and rebuilding wires. Our products are used primarily as maintenance and repair products in a wide range of heavy industries: quarrying, mining, railway, foundry, heavy construction, pulp and paper, etc.

Filotech also offers a line of custom manufactured stick electrodes for use in m & r, in all the industrial applications listed above.

Pre-sale and after-sale consulting:
Filotech Electrodes is uniquely positioned to offer consultation, suggestions and advice to our customers due to our start to finish bond with the products that we produce.

After-sales follow-ups are a regular and critical element of our day to day business. It is our intent to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our products as well as with our application recommendations.

Applied welding services
Plaquetec Inc. - a division of Filotech Electrodes

Filotech Electrodes has created a joint venture with ADJ Welding Inc. - a specialist in metal fabrication, in order to offer an applied welding service. Plaquetec Inc. utilizes the full range of Filotech products complimented by the skilled craftsmanship of expert welders from ADJ.

Hardfacing products can be offered in the form of pre-welded wear plate. Customers' parts can be brought into our shop and maintained and repaired on the spot with an eye to detail. Field services are also offered on a limited basis by this division.

Technical sales training and welders training courses
As Filotech products are offered through distributors and private label sales, technical sales training courses are available to support the product line.

In the case of direct sales to customers, welding seminars are offered to those directly involved in the welding and maintenance processes. These include but are not limited to, welders, assemblers, foremen and department supervisors, thus completing the Filotech loop from concept to implementation.

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