Case Studies Applications by Industry
  • Agriculture
    Plough shares, cultivator sweeps, mill hammers, mower shoes, cutter bars, scraper knives, root cutters, potato diggers.

  • Cement & Quarry
    Cement chutes, clamshell bucket lips, conveyor screws, dry cement pump screws, pug mill paddles, die rings, sand pump casing & impellors, sizing screens, elevator bucket lips, bulldozer end bits.

  • Crushing
    Crusher roll shells, hammer mill hammers, gyratory crusher mantles, crusher jaws, crusher concaves, swing hammers, impact breaker bars, muller tires, cement die rings, pulverizer hammers.

  • Dredging
    Dredge pump shells, dredge bucket lips, dredge pump cutter blades and teeth, dredge pump runner, inlets nozzle, pipeline ball joints, dredge pump door.

  • Iron & steel
    Entry mill guides, roll wobblers & couplings, screw conveyors, coke pusher shoes, bucket lips and teeth, coke chutes, shot blast wear plates, ladles, grizzlies.

  • Railroad
    Manganese frogs and crossovers, rail ends, tampers, ballast cleaner rotors, stoker screws, cinder screw conveyors, coal screw conveyors, couplers.

  • Mining
    Ball mill scoops, blister bar tong bits, bulldozer end bits, grizzlies, wheels – mine car and crane, ore chutes, bucket lips, augers, shaker pan conveyor, skip hoists, wheel excavator teeth and buckets, dragline buckets and lips, dump truck bodies.

  • Earth moving and road building equipment
    Bulldozer blades, end bits and trunnions, concrete mixer blades, carrying scraper blades and cutters, paving agitator screws, post hole diggers and auger flights, road rippers, scoop lift buckets, snow plough shoes, power shovel bucket, lips, teeth, rollers pads and drive tumblers.

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